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If you are one of SharePoint lovers and really enthusiastic for new SharePoint-15.  Here I will be demonstrating how to install SharePoint 15 on Windows Server 2012.  This is one of the series on SharePoint 15.  Now since SharePoint requires Windows Server as prerequisite, this article will focus on getting started. The main objective would be to use machine with a lower configuration (like a laptop or desktop) rather than an actual server machine so I chose an option to install server on Virtual harddisk (vhd) and make it bootable so it can use all the machine resources.

Machine configuration (minimum):

  • 1 GHz CPU supporting Intel-VT or AMD-V
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 80GB for VHD on any drive on machine


Let’s get started with installing Windows Server 2012.   To install Windows Server 2012, the first step is to build bootable server 2012 USB/DVD

1) Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool and install it. Once done run it and brows Window Server 2012 ISO image


2) Insert a USB stick in the USB port

3) Click Next and click on USB device.  On the next screen choose USB device (from the list of available devices) that you want to make it bootable then click on “Begin copying”


4) On the next step, the application will check to see if there is enough space on the target USB device and prompt you to erase it if required. Choose the “Erase USB Device” button to proceed ahead.



The above steps will take around 10 or 15 minutes before your USB device is made bootable!



5) Insert Windows Server 2012 bootable USB & reboot your computer.  When prompted on BIOS, opt to boot from the USB.


6) This will take you to the most common Microsoft OS wizard where you can select appropriate options and follow through series of Next button clicks until you reach a screen with ‘Install Now’ button.



7) Accept the Licensing terms (read them too) & click on the Next button. On the next screen select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)


8) On your keyboard press SHIFT+F10 key combination to invoke Command Prompt CMD.


After pressing SHIFT+F10 to get a command prompt (CMD)

IMPORTANT – The next step needs detailed attention to prevent Modifying/Deleting your System Reserved Partition

NOTE:  In this step we will create a 50 GB Dynamically expanding VHD on C: or D: (so make sure that the physical partition has actual free space available because dynamically expanding VHD gets mounted & occupies full space during VHD Boot).


In the next screen your original C: Windows Partition (on which you are running Windows 7) is D: now (just for running Windows Server 2012).   When you are running Windows 7 because C: is assigned to that System Reserved partition.  All subsequent partitions (including the one you created just now) will be allocated a drive letter in the same series (like D:, E: and so on).

9) Type below commands in the Command Prompt

DISKPART> create vdisk file=d:\VMs\Win2012.vhd maximum=51200 type=expandable

DiskPart successfully created the virtual disk file.

DISKPART> select vdisk file=”d:\Win2012.vhd”

DiskPart successfully selected the virtual disk file.

DISKPART> attach vdisk


10) Close the Command Prompt Window (CMD) & Click on Refresh to see a new 50 GB drive with an unallocated space. Click on the Unallocated Space (Drive 1 in this example, please refer to the snapshot below) and click Next


Please wait while Windows Setup installs the files on the disk. (It will take few minutes depending upon system performance) so you can take a break, or may be watch some video’s of Russell Peter to get fresh.


11) Configure windows:

Once it gets completed system will be restarted automatically.


On rebooting, you will see DUAL Boot option where  you can select Windows Server 2012 & press ENTER


When the settings page appears, please enter an Administrator account password and click Finish button.  Please note down this password as you may require it in case of emergency.  It will take few minutes and gives time to make yourself a cup of coffee.


Your Windows Server 2012 is now ready for Evaluation.


Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to sign in. Enter your Administrator account password (the one you just assigned above).


You are now logged on to Windows Server 2012 and Server Manager launches itself to help you configure the Operating System.


This completes your Windows Server 2012 installation using VHD Boot.   If you face any issues, please let us know.

Krunal Patel

I am SharePoint Senior Developer and currently working on SharePoint-15 Beta. I started programming on 8085 assembly language and then moved to MS technology. I have also worked as android developer as my hobby.

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