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Passing Parameters to PS/DSC Scripts in vNext Release Templates – VS Release Management
In the vNext Release Templates there are few ways to pass parameters/configuration variables to a PS/DSC Script. Variables in five different levels can be [...]
Continuous integration in Azure using Kudu
WebApp is one of the core components in Azure Ecosystem. Azure allows you to deploy a web app built using different technologies like ASP.NET, Node, PHP, [...]
VS RM – vNext Template for On-Premise Target Server in Un-trusted Domain
Setting up a vNext Release Template targeting a server in the same domain is mostly straight forward. For deploying to a server in a isolated domain [...]
TFS 2015 CTP Setup Experience
TFS 2015 is available for some time now and here is my experience setting it up in a virtual machine in a single server deployment . Below prerequisites [...]
VSO – Bugs on Backlog or on Task Board – Configuration Made Easy
Visual Studio Online is updated to include another awesome feature by just a matter of selecting an option for its users, that’s us. Bug work item now on [...]
Create a Azure VM for AD
To setup TFS in Azure AD can be setup as Azure VM. It is possible to use corporate AD with Azure, and use it to setup TFS in Azure VM. To setup AD in Azure [...]
Microphone detection in Arduino / Galileo (IoT) using VC++
After setting up Intel Galileo in our last post, let’s get going with the first sensor – Microphone. I had to refresh some of the basics that I had [...]
Getting Started with Windows on Intel Galileo (IoT)
At //Build 2014 conference, Microsoft demonstrated a version of Windows running on Intel Galileo board. It was not the first time Microsoft has showcased [...]
Upgrade Guide – VS Release Management Server – 2013.2 to 2013.4
  This is a step by step guide to upgrade VS Release management Server from 2013.2 to the latest update 2013.4. 1. Backup Take a backup of release [...]
How to install Windows 10 for Phone Tech Preview
Windows 10 for phone Technical preview is out for the Lumia 635 mobile. This blog describes the step by step procedure for installing the windows 10 for [...]